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Lilian Rebelo

Is a Latina NYC based Actress and Theatre Artist. Originally from Cranford, New Jersey, she has always been all kinds of dramatic, and she fell in love with acting from a young age. 

A member of the Fordham Theatre Performance Class of 2021, Lilian has spent the last four years honing her theatrical skills. Along with her BA in Theatre Performance, she will also graduate with a double major in Latin American/Latino Studies. She has always been proud of her own Cuban heritage, but her studies have allowed her to develop a greater understanding of the complexity and beauty of Latinidad.

Since beginning her formal training, she has worked in both New York and her home state. She has performed with and stage managed for INTAR Theatre. Internationally, she has trained at the London Dramatic Academy and has performed at the Tower of London. 

If she isn’t performing, you may find her in the kitchen baking lots of cupcakes (“Lil’Cakes” as she would call them), or photobombing opera-goers at the Lincoln Center Fountain. 

Make sure to check out her showcase, available for streaming beginning April 8th!

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